Laughter Is The Best Medicine & That’s No Joke


There’s an epidemic in our country today that has been around for a very long time and continues to plague us with troubles.  STRESS!!  This culprit is to blame for more diseases, more mental illness, and more deaths than all other types of physiological ailments combined.  Something needs to be done to put a stop to this killer and something needs to be done now.  Ever since it’s been in existence Reader’s Digest has had a section called ‘Laughter Is The Best Medicine’.  As far as I’m concerned, no truer words were ever spoken. (Or written as the case may appear to be.)

There’s a saying out there that is popular on a lot of T-shirts, bumper stickers, and posters and I believe this saying to be true as well….  ‘STRESS!! The condition created when the mind over-rides the body’s basic instinct to choke some jerk that literally deserves it.’  In other words we get stressed out because we take life too seriously.  If you will look at many cultures in the world today, they do not have a problem with stress – why?  Because they take the time to have a few laughs and let go of the tension. 

We as Americans need to do that more, but unfortunately we don’t.  The majority of us take our frustrations home and we in turn take them out on our wives, kids, and anyone else unlucky enough to have crossed our path.  If we could take the time and laugh even if it’s as little as once a week, then we’d see a difference in our attitudes as well as our health.

So what say we give it a try?  We can defeat stress at its own game and reduce all the negative factors of it I mentioned above.  So have a good laugh.


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