Laugh Your Way To A Lighter Body – A Quick Weight Loss Therapy


Laughter is the best medicine. We’ve heard this expression so many times. Now, we do know for sure the truth underlying this adage, for science has proved it beyond any further doubt. Laughter can destress and heal like nothing else can. When researchers monitored the human physiology under the effects of laughter, it became apparent that it also exercised the body albeit in a mild, but in a totally positive manner. Thus, leading to a healthy, quick and easy weight loss.

The effects of laughter are somewhat similar to that of exercise. Our physiology changes when we laugh. We stretch our facial and upper body muscles. Our pulse rate quickens and our blood pressure increases, causing an increased supply of oxygen to our tissues. This is very similar to the effects caused by a mild workout.

This mild workout gained through laughter is the principle on which laughter clubs are founded. Old people the world over benefit from these clubs which combine low-impact stretching and waving of the arms with laughter to boost the heart rate. The medical effects in terms of weight loss are so positive that it would be a good thing for all people young and old to incorporate a few minutes of this therapy into a workday.

Science has recorded these positive benefits from laughter on the human physiology:

* Laughter releases Endorphins or “feel good” hormones into the blood stream.
* Laughter reduces stress. Endorphins are responsible for reducing stress levels. As stress is one of the principle causes of excess weight, increased endorphin levels in the blood can help reduce excess weight, or at least prevent you from packing on a few more kilos.
* Laughter can give you a mild work out.
* Am increased metabolism manages weight more efficiently.
* Improvement in breathing causes the body tissues to be oxygenated more efficiently.
* Enhanced blood circulation regulates blood sugar.
* Most importantly, laughter acts as a powerful anti-oxidant which boosts the immune function of the body.

All these benefits can be yours through laughter therapy, without having to spend a single penny. It would also make the world a better place to live in. However, a word of caution: don’t be too hasty to dump the treadmill yet, for the maximum weight that you could loose through laughter therapy would be about 2 kilos in a whole year.

10-15 minutes of laughter therapy in a day can cause you to burn 50 calories, which is approximately the same calorie count contained in a piece of candy. So use this therapy in combination with other forms of exercise; it will make the exercising more fun and you will feel better about yourself and a healthy weight loss which is the ultimate purpose of all such activity anyway.


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