Joy Milne Sniffs Parkinson’s Disease Prompts The Researchers To Study


Joy Milne From from Perth in Scotland is being diagnosed for her unusual observation about Parkinson’s disease.

She says her first observation was when she noticed a change in the smell of her husband. It was 6 years before when he was actually suspected of this neurological disease. She says the change was not instant it was a steady change and difficult to describe. She compared it to a musky smell.

According to her, the pre depiction of the disease did not come in her until she joined the charity related to Parkinson’s disease in the UK. After she joined she realized they all smelled like her husband did.

The sensitivity of her nose is an uncommon observation.

On knowing this, the Edinburgh University decided to make her smell 12 shirts those had both patients and normal people’s smell. It was to test whether her depiction is correct and useful or not.

Fortunately, her 11 answers were correct out of 12. According to Edinburgh University researcher Dr Tilo Kunath. The 12th person did not have Parkinson’s disease.

After 8 months, the same person informed Joy Milne that he was diagnosed with the same disease. This proves that joy was not correct for 11 she was absolutely correct for all the 12 people.

Parkinson’s UK is making efforts to fund researchers in Edinburgh, Manchester and London to carry out a study to observe. Whether they emit a particular smell during the early stages of the disease or not.

Researchers will examine 200 people with and without the disease from across the UK.

It is sad to know that the disease has no known cure. It leaves people struggling to walk, speak and sleep. As per the survey, Parkinson’s disease affects approximately 80,000 Australians and a similar number in various parts of the UK and US.




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