I’ve Found My Home In Nursing


When you see nurses assisting the injured or helping the sick in movies, you can’t help but find yourself drawn to the idea of what it would be like to help others in need. If that sentence sounds familiar, then nursing may be the career for you.

Once you’ve identified that nursing is just what the doctor ordered for your career, the next thing would be to determine exactly what type of nurse you’d like to become, after all, all nurses are not created equal. Home health nurse, registered nurse, advanced registered nurse, nursing assistants- the many types can become overwhelming but with a little research, you can be well on your way to determining which nursing career is right for you.

Not surprising, the nursing healthcare profession encompasses one of the largest in the healthcare industry with more than 2.5 million working in the registered nursing field.  60% of the registered nurses work in hospitals, and registered nurses are at the forefront with patients and their family members.

Registered nurses require at least a (ADN) associate’s degree in nursing or even a (BDN) bachelors degree in nursing with all nurses being required to pass the general certification exam, also known as the NCLEX-RN.

Specialized nursing, such as nurse practitioners; clinical nursing, management and administrative all require at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing and often a master’s degree.

If you find yourself not having the time or even the means to complete a registered nursing degree, many local community colleges provide classes to become a nursing assistant, which would allow you to become a LPN (licensed practical nurse), a STNA (state tested nursing assistant) or even a CNA (certified nursing assistant). This will give the nurse trainees the opportunity work within the hospital setting while giving them the opportunity to further their nursing career if desired.

A special type of person is needed to become a nurse. One who understands and compassionate of the patients’ needs, and the needs of the patients’ family, all while making the patients care a priority. If this describes you, then you know you’ve found your career home.

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