Is It Addiction Or A Habit? 6 Ways To Detect Addiction In One’s Life!


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And she said ‘We are all just prisoners here, of our own addiction device’

The word Addiction is quite famous amongst the society. Used as a negative addressing towards someone. We are yet not familiar with the real difference between a habit and addiction.

A habit is something that you develop with time and comes into the routine. It is somewhat like addiction. But, in an early stage that can get altered. Addiction is an unconscious state of the person in which he goes to any level to please his want.

Here are some solid points those help you detect an addiction that can ruin a blessed life-

1. What is The Problem?

The basic trait of the addicts is that they are great players in hiding their weakness. Since the urges shoot up with time it becomes difficult to control then. One of the serious concern is that it starts as a habit and then develops to be a life threating condition.

 It is important to find out the problem first. See whether it needs a different aspect of treatment or falls in the category of addiction.

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2.  The First Stage

It is a crucial and tough stage for the observer. During this phase, it may be that the person is not an addict to the commodity. If we talk about smoking and drinking people can be casual about it and still not get used to it. During this stage even the influenced person can hold him or herself as compared to the later stage.

To avoid this confusion find out whether the person can be in this state or not. There are a few things those depict the traits of addiction.

– If the person always looks for a chance to reach the activity or substance

– Creating a situation to include the activity or substance around

– Losing control due to the activity or substance

If you observe these changes then you need to do something as soon as possible.

3. Isolation

Reaching this state the person starts to keep away from the usual surroundings. He or she looks for corners and place to isolate themselves. They only want to spend time with the ones who support their behavior or do not react to it.

The reason being amongst their family and friends, they will not be able to drink or smoke. As they will stop them there and then.

This behavior will increase and keep them away from the usual surrounding and people.

4. Decline in fitness and health

 The person becomes a pro at dealing with isolation, consumption and addiction. As they say the truth makes its way across all the boundaries. In the same way, the bad health of the addict tells the true story of his deeds. Due to the increasing speed of closeness with the activity or substance, the health gets at stake.

For example-  People addicted to drugs has their health showing the effect on their body. Constant illness, weight loss, aggressiveness etc are other observed symptoms.

Keeping a watch on that and pushing for medical check up can alarm them to slow down or even leave it.


5. Additional consequences affecting lifestyle

Apart from the health issues, the person’s personal and professional life also gets affected.

For example
– college
– missing work
– stealing
-debt etc

Make sure to find out whether these problems occurred after the addiction or before. In some cases, they become the reason for the addiction of alcohol, smoking, and others.


It is sad to say that in spite of infinite efforts the addict will never want to improve until he feels from within. The worst part is that this stage comes when the person becomes an addict completely. During that phase the family has no or little options left to try.

To avoid this waste of life, try to reach to the person on an emotional basis. Look for remedies those can affect his mind and heart. Stop with a softer approach to save him from getting into the whirlpool of disaster.

Comment and share other effective ways to help the needy get back to life!

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