Is Diabetic Foot Care Really Important?


Now I know that not everybody is diabetic, but it seems the number of people being diagnosed with diabetes is growing more and more every day.  Between sodas (which have no good properties whatsoever in them) being consumed in more gallons daily than automobile gasoline, stress, and other factors; diabetes is getting to be a disease that a majority of the populace will soon have.  I plan to discuss diabetic foot care here, but these tips are good tips for non-diabetics as well.

* Keep Your Feet Clean – This is of utmost importance. Make sure that when you
bathe you dry between your toes to prevent fungal infections. Use the towel to go
between each toe individually for complete dryness.

* Keep Nails Trimmed – As you take care of your feet you can take care of your toenails as well. The nails should be trimmed to a length to where they can fit comfortably in shoes and socks without snags.  It is also a good idea to make a small ‘V’ cut in each nail to allow it to grow smoother and allow easier trimming.

* Wear Clean Socks – Wear socks that are not too tight and allow the foot to breathe air.  White is best for hygienic reasons.

* Wear Comfortable Shoes – Proper shoes will not only be comfortable, but also have an open toe box to allow your foot to breathe.  Be sure not to lace them or Velcro them too tightly, just snug enough to keep on feet.

If you follow these common sense tips it will minimize your need to visit a podiatrist. So take care of those feet.

Chief Kane
Loves to write about health subjects and currently taking care of health niche as a moderator. If you have any topic in mind, share it in comments and we will make sure it is published soon after a review.


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