Get The Facts Right – Sex During Menstruation

sex during menstruation

The main priority of every couple is to have safe sex, therefore it becomes crucial to have a complete understanding of how to indulge in safe sex during menstruation.

The majority of people consider sex during menstruation as something “dirty”; but does that mean it’s not safe? Let’s educate ourselves with medically proven studies instead of following the same myth for years.

Know the Medical Condition of your Partner

The utmost important factor is your right to know the medical history of your partner. Don’t hesitate to discuss the present or the past medical problems, some couples do hesitate to question. Just relax! Tell your partner that you care and that’s why it’s important and necessary to have healthy and safe sex.

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By any chance, if you suspect that your partner is suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, then the chances of you contracting that disease becomes extremely high. You should use condoms no matter what, whether you have sex during menstruation or otherwise.

What about Oral Sex?

It’s obvious to feel hesitant before you say yes to your partner for oral sex. In most cases, couples don’t feel comfortable in oral sex during menstruation. Is it because you feel dirty or you think it’s not safe for you or your partner? If you view it from the medical point of view then it’s completely safe provided you use dental dams. The good news is dental dams are easily available, in fact, it also comes in different flavors or sizes.

Chances of Pregnancy Becomes Low or High?

A lot of people think that the possibility of getting pregnant during menstruation is almost nil, but that’s not true at all. Though the chances of you getting pregnant during periods are minimal you can’t totally dismiss it. Therefore, it’s advisable to use appropriate birth control ways even during your menstrual cycle. Based on the medically proven reports, research suggests that the probability of fertility prevails on every single day of your menstrual cycle.

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Can it Harm the Uterus or the Penis?

Is it safe to have sex during menstruation? Honestly, in no way can it rupture the uterus or harm the penis. Generally, society treats menstrual blood as filthy and regard sex during menstruation totally wrong. The blood that the woman emits during menstruation consists of white blood cells, mucin, tissue cells, and water.

On the other hand, intercourse during menstruation is equally safe for the uterus. Women usually have unanswered questions about their health like “can the insertion of the penis rupture the uterus?” Explore different positions based on the comfort level of your partner, make your woman feel comfortable as the cervix becomes sensitive during the menstrual cycle.

Should I Wear Condoms?

Having unprotected sex during menstruation is never advisable. If you are a couple who is interested only in casual sex, then it’s highly recommended to wear condoms. You can’t be certain about the medical history of someone you don’t know much.

After keeping in mind some of the important discoveries about sex during menstruation, you can make up your mind on should you or not.

There are also a few benefits to having intercourse during periods. Does sex help cramps during menstruation? Well, guess what? It definitely does. It also reduces stress, improves sleep, and strengthens the immune system.

Naturally, not all couples show interest in sex during menstruation, if either of you has an interest, you can go ahead and give it a try. After all, only medically proven facts can brainwash the myths prevailing in society.

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