5 Essential Ingredients To Help Get Rid Of Pimples Before Your D-Day


Oh, my god, it is my wedding month! After all the precaution and measures, how can I see pimples oozing out all over my face.  It was shocking to see my wedding day approaching and my look deteriorating.

I felt helpless and just wanted to escape. The ceremonies were at its peak and I had to go out for cake tasting, dress rehearsals etc. I was shattered and could not imagine my pictures with pimples and marks.

With a heavy heart and rolling tears, I called my friends to help me through this mess. As usual a bunch of them suggested makeup layering. But it was a risky stand as they are loaded with chemicals. The other lot suggested visiting a doctor and taking pills.

I was not a game to get rid of them with such scary measures I was looking for something natural. So, finally my granny came to my rescue.

You would not believe how she mixed the traditional and modern ingredients of nature to save my D-day beauty and happiness.

For all those who are sailing in the similar boat or have pimples restricting visits to parties. here the basket of goodness that I am happily going to share with you.

1.    Baking Soda

baking soda and its incredible benefits

The chemical name of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Lately, this ingredient has secured a good position in the chart of best natural remedies for skin. The alluring quality of baking soda is that it is a good exfoliator for the skin. It removes the excess oil that is one reason for pimple formation. Another benefit is it sheds off dead skin to nurture layers of skin and remove the unwanted deposit.

Twice a day makes a paste of lemon juice water and baking soda apply it on the area and wash it with warm water after some time.

2.    Lemon Juice+Turmeric+Yogurt+Gram Flour

awesome remedy to get rid of pimples without loosing the glow

This is my granny’s favorite! Indeed, it works well. It is an old remedy that is also a part of the Haldi ritual for an Indian wedding. So, it is a simple yet benefiting remedy. It not only reduces pimple formation instead reduces the marks left by the previous ones. Your skin glows and even looks fairer than before.

Here is how you go about it.

Twice a day mix a good amount of yogurt and lemon juice with a pinch of turmeric making a good paste. Also, add gram flour to bind it. Apply it on the face and leave it till it’s semi-dry. Then wash off with lukewarm water.


3.    Eat Healthy

Eat healthy and stay fit

It might seem just spoken words. But it is a fact until you are internally clean and toxins free you will not get rid of pimples. So eating food that has a good amount of antioxidants is necessary. Have vegetables and fruits those are juicy and colorful. It will not only keep your blood purified it will also help you keep away diseases.

4.    Lemon Juice

Lime juice an incredible ingredient to get rid of pimples

Lemon alone is a wonder ingredient for a lot of things. Not just amazing for weight loss its citrus quality reduces the redness and marks left after a pimple.  You can directly apply on the affected area and leave it overnight wash it in the morning. It might irritate for some time, you might crave to itch or wash. Hold yourself divert your mind and within a few days you will see a drastic difference.

5.    Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar again! I know it is everywhere! But can’t help it! This is helpful in almost all ailments related to the body. For acne, it is one of the most effective remedies. Try it to see it.

It is easy to use. Take I part of ACV and 3 parts of water. Dip a cotton ball in it and apply it on the required area. Do this multiple times a day. And do not forget to moisturize your face if you feel dry.

Try these extremely effective remedies those are tried and tested. You will surely see a drastic difference and save that flawless look for the occasions.

dancing glory


So get set to fight back pimples and face them without fear.

Love yourself and stay beautiful.

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