Infographic: Are You Among the World’s Healthiest People?


Worldwide life expectancy has increased greatly in the last 100 years. Scientists have discovered how humans can live a longer, healthier life. This infographic shares health-related research and statistics in an attractive visual format.

You’ll learn which country residents live the longest, and the answers may surprise you. No continent or ethnicity has a claim on producing long-lived citizens. You’ll also learn tips about what each country does to stay healthy. Surprisingly, the oldest woman in the world do not come from one of these top five countries, but you can learn her origin and how she stays healthy.

This infographic gives tips on how to live a healthy life. You’ll learn what to eat, how to get to work and what type of alcohol to drink to prolong your life expectancy. With the help of this information, you can become one of the healthiest people in the world.

 World's Healthiest People


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