Infection During Childhood Likely To Affect Your Heart In The Later Years


You now have more reason to be cautious about your child and their health. Infectious diseases like dengue, typhoid, measles, chicken pox, bronchitis, tuberculosis can affect your heart drastically. Such diseases increase the inflammation in the heart and atherosclerosis in the arteries,” said researcher Andriany Qanitha from Academic Medical Centre of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Due to this the risk of heart attack in adulthood has increased. Another observation says that the abrupt lifestyle adds to the risk. It enhances its chances. A strict research was done on 153 patients and then this result was declared. Most hospitalization was due to an infection that prolonged as fever or some other disease. The reason being an infection.

It was followed by a detailed questionnaire. It recorded the history of health and infection in people’s family. This way they could find out the probability of the statement and their health chart. It proved that those with such pasts in childhood were more prone to premature heart attack.

The observation is valid for South-East Asian countries those are affected by infections too.

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