Infant Sleep patterns vary in the initial three years of life


Every parent become panic and worried if their infant is waking through the night thinking that the child may has some problem or something wrong is happening. But according to a latest study, the researchers confirm that the infant sleep pattern varies in the initial three years of life and waking through the night at this stage is natural.

The scientists say that there are some reasons that make the child not sleep at night like changes in the infant health, changes in the motility and development of separation anxiety.

So by sharing this fact, the researchers want to make the parent understand about the infant sleep pattern that if their child is not sleeping at night, it does not mean that they are doing anything wrong. Adding to this point, they said that presence of the parent with the baby at bed time, mainly at the time of transition to sleep will help parents sort out this problem.

Source: Journal of the American association of Nurse practitioner.

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