Human Nose Gains The Power To Predict Threat Or Death-Explained By The Researchers Duo


Who knew our nose could foresee future and alert us. The researchers from the University of Kent School of Psychology and the Arkansas Tech University Department of Behavioral Sciences.

They found out that the human nose can smell death. Just like the animals it can instigate an unconscious response.

After a series of four experiments Dr. Arnaud Wisman from the Canterbury, UK school and his US-based colleague Ilan Shrira introduced the chemical Putrescine which has a pungent smell. They compare it with the smell of flesh decomposing.

The study states that a short or a long-term presence of Putrescine is a signal to defend or save oneself. The doctors say that their theory can help understand the functioning of the brain. It will generate chemosensory threats that it produces due to the chemical excreted.

The experiments were made to see the reaction of the body when encountered by death or threat.

According to the journal Frontiers in Psychology. The first experiment was to observe the impact of the chemical on threat management. The second showed how people changed their activity and ran to escape from the exposure that gave them the trigger of smell and fear.

The third experiment showed how the person is constantly overshadowed by the threat during that phase and his mind is constantly there. The last experiment showed that all this combined makes the person hostile towards the third party surrounding him or her.

These experiments are the first to depict the smell of death or threat and are an alarm towards the protective responses of our body. The doctors further add to the information, saying this chemical sends signals to the nervous system to stimulate safety reaction towards the threat.

The team of two suggests they are going to take the study further to keep a check on the blood pressure, heart rate and other physiological behavior because of the effect of Putrescine.

The efforts are being made to understand the chemical and the 360 degrees impact of it in the functioning of human body.

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