Dear Men, How to Keep Yourself Safe from Heart Problems After 30


With the present lifestyle, 5 out of 10 men are prone to health issues related to heart including heart attack. The risk of heart disease increase in men with age over 30. In this article, we will discuss how we can prolong and prevent heart disease until the age of 50 or even more.

 Since there can be many causes of heart diseases including obesity, lack of exercise, smoking and drinking and many other unhealthy eating habits, one should always be careful in keeping their-self safe from heart problems. 

Here are a few important things that you can follow to prevent yourself from heart problems:

1. Quit smoking:

Smoking not only causes cancer but the consumption of tobacco can cause thinning of arteries due to plaque buildup and this causes angina or heart stroke. Consider reading easy quit smoking tips.

2. Regular exercise:

An average of 30 minutes of regular exercise is recommended in order to prevent heart problems. Daily exercise helps to maintain weight and reduction of excess cholesterol levels in the body and also reduces high blood pressure. This is important in the prevention of heart attacks.

3. A diet which is heart friendly

A diet containing green vegetables, fruits, whole grains are ideal for keeping the heart healthy. Avoid taking too much of oily food. Fat-free dairy products and low-fat meats and fish make perfect food for a healthy heart. People also read a complete guide of diet plan to prevent heart diseases.

4. Maintain perfect body weight

Though attaining a perfect body weight is initially tough for working men, but giving a good amount of your time for exercise will give you the shape that you always wanted and keep you safe from heart problems too.

A good body weight along with reduced fat around the middle area of the body can help prevent the chances of a heart attack. For that, you should aim a Body Mass Index (BMI) lower than 25. People with a BMI of more than 25 are generally suffering from obesity and have higher chances of heart problems. You can check your BMI here.

5. Less but a sound sleep

Sleeping for longer hours makes body lethargic and there’s laziness for the rest of the day. A sound sleep of 6-8 hours a day is more than enough for a healthy body. People with improper sleep are more prone to depression, obesity, high blood problems, and heart attacks.

Make your sleep timing fixed. Keep your phones in silent mode, a quick meditation session before sleep will be an added advantage. If you wake up without the help of alarm then it means you had enough sleep. Try to keep this your goal for the next 1 month.

These are some of the must and easy to follow tips to stay healthy and keep you safe from heart problems after 30. Following these can help your body away from many other diseases as well. For a healthy living, it is always advised to consult a doctor and have regular health checkups. You can share your unique method of keeping your lovely heart safe in the comment section below as well.

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