How to Choose the Right Workout Clothes?


Go to a gym or a park and you would see people in varied work out clothes. From those leggings and sports bras which fit like a glove – to frumpy loose t-shirts with track pants( sometimes even night pyjamas), you would see it all.

Workout clothes mean something different to everyone. Makes me wonder! Whether workout gear is meant to make you look good while you sweat or does it have a purpose.

To enjoy the glow of good health,

you must exercise.

– Gene Tunney

For years, tracksuits are synonymous with fitness. We wanted to work out, so we went out and bought a bunch of tracksuits in blue, black and grey and were good to go. If the weather was warm then an old cotton t-shirt with a pair of track bottoms. Often they were our night pyjamas.

But the game has changed now and How!

There is a huge display of brands, styles, materials of workout clothes.

Most common doubts and questions before you make the splurge.

How to choose the right one?

Or follow what others are wearing and buy without giving a thought?

“My cotton t-shirt does the job – Do I need separate clothes to exercise?”

The answer is Yes! For 2 reasons ( and very important reasons)

Many studies show that clothing influences how my mind (and body functions). One study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology suggests that clothing influences behaviour and attitudes because it carries a symbolic meaning. So, what you wear is subconsciously changing how you act.

You need them because they are of quick-dry material. Fabrics like Spandex, Polyester, Nylon are used to make performance clothing. They are breathable and comfortable to wear. These materials don’t promote bacteria. Sweat dries off fast and you are rash/ chafing free. These garments have to be snug because you are going to need that support while doing the exercise ( jogging, walking, bench pressing everything qualifies here).

We all love cotton and it’s the perfect choice for summer months but it is not a perfect fabric for exercise wear. It doesn’t wick the sweat away and you tend to feel heavy and wet after a little sweat. Not a good feeling on the skin.

Carried an arm-load of clothing in the trial room. But cannot decide which piece to buy?

A mental checklist of the following pointers may help:

Is this material breathable?

Can I sweat in it and it will dry out fast? Never wear clothing made out of rubber-based or plastic-based materials. They keep sweat from evaporating and keep your body temperature too high during a workout.

Does it sit right on my body shape? It needs to be snug and not too tight. A sports bra which leaves elastic marks on the skin? Who wants extra pain in the workout. So, choose the correct fit.

Which fit to choose? Most exercises need us to wear loose clothes but some don’t. For eg: you would want to wear tight fitted leggings when running or cycling. So that it doesn’t get in your way.

Weather conditions. Always dress for warmer weather. As you workout, your body is going to get hot and sweaty. If your workout clothes aren’t breathable material then your body is going to flush out sooner than you expect.

Does it allow you to move your body freely? These clothes are made for a workout. For free movement. So make sure that you can move your limbs easily in them.

If you are a biker or jogger who likes to bike/jog during night hours then look for clothing that has reflective material on it. For your safety.

As the wise say, “Dress for the part”. Doesn’t only apply for the board room. Investing in sensible workout gear will ensure your success rate in personal fitness.

Look in shape – Get in shape! Calls for a bit of shopping.

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