8 Hidden Exercise Equipment at Home (Household goods used for workout)


Those who do not want to exercise, they find a number of excuses to stay away from it. Gym if far, I do not get that much time to work out, and blah blah.

Similarly, there are many who want to make a habit of working out regularly. Some are not sure if expensive gym membership will be worth investing. Some doubt will I be able to continue with this time crunch? Well, you can just start working out at home then. What about equipment? Well, you do not have to spend on expensive gym equipment either.

“Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Here are a few household items that you can use as exercise equipment to get started with your workout habit.

1. Towels

Use the towels as a slider for your abs exercise. Make sure it is easily slidable on the tiled or wooden floor.

2. Cans

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You can use small sized can for weights. Check properly for the cans which can be gripped better in your hand.
Empty cans can be filled with soil or sand for weights as per your convenience.

3. Chair

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A nice chair can be used for multiple purposes during the home workout. It can be used to do triceps dips and inclined pushups.

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4. Bike pump

Want to see your triceps muscle toning fast? Use a bike pump and start filling up the tires on your bike. You may be required to flat and de-flat it every day though.

5. Staircase

The staircase can be a perfect alternative for cardio machines. Regular 20- 30 flights during a day can help immensely in improving your endurance.

6. Books

Take a think heavy book and do some triceps and biceps set. It’s easy to grip, has sufficient weight and quite effective.

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7. Flour bags

A heavy flour bag is perfect for weight exercises. Make sure it is properly locked to avoid spilling of flour and then get started with your lunges or squats.

8. Toilet box

 The place where the philosopher inside you sits can also be used to do box squats.  Just make sure the lid is closed, try sitting just to touch your butts on the cover and then rise again. Repeat this for few sets and that’s it.

When you do not want to work out you will find hundreds of excuses. But when you want the transformation within you, these easily available household goods can be used as exercise equipment to get you started at home.

What other household goods have you modified into your exercise equipment? Do let us know in the comments section below. Keeping exercising!

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