10 Amazing Health Tips From Top Magazines


All the blessings of science have come from good research. I am reminded of an old belief which advocated that running harms the heart. It would have been same, had there been no research! In fact this would have gained much more ground.

I sometimes wonder when the people still say avoid fats for good health when the research clearly says that some of the mono-saturated fats and Omega-3 fatty are very good for heart. No doubt that most of the saturated fats create health problems but generalizing the things does no good.

It simply becomes important to understand every research in the right perspective. This is good for an amazing health. Here are some well researched and amazing health tips, which I have accumulated from the top health and fitness magazines and it is very important that these are understood completely. Half knowledge is very dangerous, you know!

Fattening beverages and healthy drinks

For a better health, it is important that daily intake of drinks are paid great attention. You must avoid or reduce the sucrose sweetened drinks. The normal available drinks with added sucrose promote deposition of fat in the visceral organs like liver, soft tissues of belly and muscles etc.

Drinks like skim milk, lemon water, plain water and diet cola etc help in avoiding the fat deposition. Amazingly, milk has been found to the healthiest drink due to a number of additional associated benefits. Another research says that the people who increase the intake of protein are able to trim the body fat. Milk and its products are high in protein so are very helpful.


Shedding some pounds easily

Have you ever made a comparison between drinking and eating your meals? What is a better—a solid meal or (a calorie equivalent) liquid meal? Researchers have found that the calorie intake is more when people feed on the liquid diet.

This is because it takes less time to digest and accounts to lesser fullness in the stomach. This has a direct effect on ghrelin (hunger controlling hormone) and it secretion is not suppressed sufficiently hence more food. So it is important that you mainly take the solid foods and avoid drinking the calories.

Chocolate benefits revealed

How many times have you been asked to avoid chocolates for good health? Well I have heard that very frequently. The fact is that chocolates and cocoa in any form like supplements, solid or liquid and in drinks, it actually does multi-tasking in the body and is very good for health. It improves insulin secretion, provides good cholesterol, lowers diastolic, enhances HDL and also lowers triglycerides.


Importance of trainer or feedback

Feedback plays a crucial role in a variety of biological phenomenon and also in day to day work. Of late, the importance of feedback has also been found for good health. Research shows that the people, who have someone to tell them about how well they did it, put greater efforts in workout. This increases the importance of trainers.

Snacks and the timing

From what to take in snacks there is much more focus on the timing. So what is the best time to take snacks? Although you need to be cautious of what to take in the snacks time but timing has great effect. Avoid snacks in the mid-morning. A study on a group of people suggested that the people who took snacks between 10:30AM to 11:00AM lost only 7 percent of the body weight in one years and compared to 11.2 percent weight loss in case of those who avoid this time to take snacks and consumed it at some other time.


Exercising doesn’t increase the chances of injury?

If you also are among those who feel that exercising increases the chances of injuries than you are wrong. It is now almost established that the people living sedentary life style and do extra workout suffered same extent of injuries as another group with lower strain during exercise.

Frequency of meals has a role to play

A survey was conducted on two groups of adolescent females; one, who had snacks frequency and the other, who did not eat frequently. As against expectations, the girls who had frequent snacks showed lesser tendency to deposit adipose fat than the other, which meals less frequently. Bottom line: Eat less and eat at regular intervals of time rather than eating a lot in one go.


Omega-3 importance

Don’t denounce fats at random. Some of the fats are very effective and helpful to body. For instance if Omega-3 is added to the meals, it not only shows effect on the health of heart but also increases muscle strength and also the capacity of the body to do exercise. Benefits from here as well—more exercise, better health.

Importance of arms in lower body exercise

People who exhaust the upper body, while doing exercise can’t expect to do lower body workout. Arms balance the lower body and it is important to have the upper body in good condition for lower body work-out.

Vigorous exercise has no additional effect on Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Exercise increases the intelligence, no doubt! But there are some people who think that that additional effort in exercise increases the IQ. This is not right? Minor exercises like walking etc does it equally good for intelligence as the strenuous exercise. However, depending upon the excess weight, you should spend the time accordingly. You lose more weight when you burn more calories.

These are the most recent researched concepts and are well based on surveys. You will definitely see great improvement in your health after you follow each tip after understanding these completely and with right perspective. After all, it is only when you have complete knowledge that you are benefitted. Partial knowledge is fatal!



I have accumulated this information from the following health magazines.

• The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
• Journal of Physical Activity & Health
• Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
• The Journal of Nutrition


  1. Shaly great information! I never thought liquid intake would be more calories than eating but that makes sense since you drink faster than eating. And I have to start drinking more milk! Thanks for sharing the information!


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