Efforts To Make Halloween 2015 Food Allergy-Free


It is that time of the year when you are all spooky and eerie. A scary festive with food and outfits. Fanning the healthy eating motto round the corner. People are planning to make Halloween more stomach friendly than letting food allergies creep in.

Families in Canada are spreading the word to have a safe celebration with the help of Teal Pumpkin Project.

The project was started last year to save children from food related allergies or problems.

Due to various candies and bars those are distributed during the festivity. After the Nate Robinson case in Mexico. The Food Allergy Research and Education decided to spread awareness about hazardous food allergies. Those can affect health in this sweet-filled celebration. It supports children with food allergies and is encouraging 100,000 households to take part by painting teal-colored pumpkins in their houses. They can even print the official sign from FARE’s website and paste it at the door.

It is the symbol to make people away of houses those support allergy free food.

This way they can invite people to celebrate at a non-food treat house for those who can’t eat candy.

According to the Children’s Therapy and Early Education in Mexico. Most holidays involve food in some or the other way. This act of making efforts to save children from food related problems. Will not hold them back from enjoying and celebrating the day.

It is the best way to keep your children safe and even make people aware about the adversities of food allergies.

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