Hair Loss: It’s Not Just For Men Anymore



On television commercials as well as magazine and Internet ads you see this subject everywhere – Hair Loss.  Ever since the creation of man this is one thing man has been very sensitive about, very few men like the idea of losing their hair and going bald.  I’m assuming this comes from the military.  When a man enlists he is given a burr haircut that makes him feel humiliated and almost bald.  Upon their discharge a few men continue to wear their burr cuts strictly out of habit, but the majority of them decide to keep longer hair.  The burr cut makes them feel weak and vulnerable, the longer hair makes them feel stronger.  But as they get older stress, chemical imbalances and other factors cause a large percentage of these men to begin losing their hair.  But they are not alone…

In recent years it has been discovered that for these same reasons women also are subject to hair loss.  Now this may be only my opinion, but I do not believe most women like the idea of being bald.  They like it even less so than the men. That is unless we’re talking about someone like Sinead O’Connor, Susan Powter, or Jane Chyldes.  These three don’t seem to have a problem with it, but what about those that do?

Talk to your doctor and/or pharmacist.  There are treatments, which can help.  A lot of people have seen great results with the topical drug Minoxodil, sold under the brand name of Rogaine.  They have formulas for both men and women.  There are also oral medicines as well as hair re-growth procedures.  So if you are having hair loss, don’t lose hope because there are answers and options available to you.


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