Don’t Ignore This 5 Minutes Guide About Laser Hair Removal


Getting rid of unsightly down or hair is possible thanks to laser hair removal, a process that is both durable and almost painless.

To end the drudgery of hair removal, many dream of it. To get rid of their hair, some women take the plunge and try laser hair removal. How does this technique work? Is it painful? Can anyone use it? What about efficiency? We tell you everything about laser hair removal.

Is it a Safe Method?

If performed by certified people laser and under medical supervision, it is 100% safe.

Speaking of the technique itself, are the results permanent?

The results are permanent, as long as the patient performs the sessions when advised, depending on the hair cycle. If you skip sessions or allow too much time between them, then results would be slow.

Although the results are 100%, we recommend that once finished; we carry an annual session to remove fine blond hair that appears rarely.

Why Soprano Ice Laser Machine?

The Soprano laser is the latest development in laser hair removal. That’s right. It is the first laser that allows you to shave even brown skin or very blond hair. Allowing sunbathing after two or three days.

Until the arrival of Soprano, in summer, it was impossible to shave, and people with very blond hair did not notice any effectiveness.

Technology and laser hair removal machines have come a long way in recent years. The pinnacle of all the machines available in the market today is Soprano Ice by Alma.

This laser hair removal machine has received the highest rewards and reviews in the industry and by customers. Since it highlights all the concerns usually associated with laser hair removal. Some of these reasons why are:

You can apply lasers to every part of the body. All types of hair and skin and even to tanned skin or sun exposure before/after treatment!

Virtually painless thanks to its technology during and after the procedure with the best pain-free rating in the world

The fastest application and the least amount of patches. Thanks to its consistent waveform through IN-Motion technology.

Hair removal results faster than any other machine (usually half the sessions).

Removal Recommended (& how it works)

This hair removal system uses a pulsed light with a monochromatic beam. The Melanin that our hair possesses causes the laser light to remove the root hair forever. This light causes the follicle to stop producing hair. But, it needs several sessions for it to work.

We must bear in mind that the treatment requires at least six sessions, depending on the age and the affected area. In the first session, only hair in the growth phase will be removed.

After four weeks, the second session can be done to remove another bit, and in the rest of the sessions, what is left is eliminated. These sessions can last minutes or an hour, depending on the area.

One of the most treated areas is the alba line that goes from the navel to the bikini area. This consists of concentrating the light through an energy source so that it is absorbed by the hair follicle until it disappears. It requires the realization of four to six sessions at intervals of three and six months.

A few safety and preparation tips before laser hair removal

1. The Sun – Enemy of the Laser

To avoid any risk of depigmentation, it is important not to start treatment if you come back from vacation with tanned skin. After treatment, you must wait several weeks before returning to the sun because the skin is weakened, and brown spots may appear.

Laser treatment is contraindicated in all people who have had sun exposure because tanned skin contains a high level of melanin. It is likely to be destroyed by the laser by leaving white spots depigmented.

Therefore it is necessary to stop all sun, UV, self-tanning creams, or tanning activator (beta carotene capsules that haze the skin) for 30 days before treatment.

Very important to follow this instruction.

Avoid all sun exposure for several weeks after laser hair removal. It impacts the laser beam and may pigment in the sun giving brown spots.

2. Avoid discolouration of Hair and down

Often women discolour hair and down on the face (especially the lip), arms and belly to hide this unsightly hair. But unfortunately, the laser is ineffective on discoloured hair. It is therefore advisable to stop all hair discolouration 20 days before a laser session.

3. Removal of all piercing jewellery before each Laser session

The laser beam can interact with the piercing jewellery depending on its colour and composition, which can cause serious burns. For safety reasons, remove it before each laser session.

4. Avoid taking Photo-sensitizing substances

Photosensitization corresponds to an abnormal and exaggerated reaction of the skin by the combined action of photons (laser or sunlight) and a chemical substance applied to the skin, ingested, or injected. There are two types of photosensitization reaction:

5. The Phototoxic reaction

It is an immediate reaction of the skin after exposure to the laser. It is like a very significant sunburn (redness of the skin with the presence of vesicles, small pimples containing liquid) without itching.

6. Photo allergic reaction

It is a delayed and less frequent immune-like reaction that is characterized by erythema, vesicles, and itching. The intensity of the reaction is independent of the dose of laser irradiation and the dose of chemicals present in the treated area.



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