GE Voluson 730 Pro Bt02 4d Ultrasound Machine


The GE Voluson 730 Pro Bt02 4d Ultrasound Machine is state of the art, highly advanced piece of medical equipment that combines real time 4D imaging capabilities and 3D scanning and provides simultaneous visualization of all three planes. It helps analyze and explore images in different planes and renders them with intricate details and amazing clarity and resolution.

The inbuilt sophisticated analytical tools help interpret, analyze and process the data to provide optimum diagnostic capabilities. The main domains of use cover abdominal, obstetrical, gynecological, cardiac and vascular. Additionally it is also used for diagnostic examination of small parts and for breast examination. The machine is bulky and looks like a supercomputer riddled with buttons, consoles, pads, dials and knobs which shout its superior technological advantages.

The cart that it is fixed onto is movable and has small wheels at the bottom that allow portability. The machine is ideal for medium to large medical facilities that seek advanced and extremely versatile and accurate medical equipment.

It comes with an alphanumeric keyboard that affords easy data entry and manipulation of its functions and a 15 inch high resolution non- interlaced, flat, CRT monitor that renders high quality images with color, clarity and detail. Additional buttons and dials and knobs are available for calling up various functions and for selecting different modes of operation.

The other features include the 3D/4D static real time imaging with a frame rate of 15 frames per second and a state of the art user interface with on screen menu’s that makes the navigation process hassle free. The rendered images are optimized through automatic tissue optimization. The machine comes with 4 active probe ports and an option to archive images on CD or hard drive which can store up to 40GB of data.

It provides three different modes for tissue imaging and also has a digital Beamformer and 512 system processing channel technology with CINE memory that gives the capability of storing up to 3000 2D images. It uses power Doppler imaging and tissue Doppler imaging for data gathering.


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