Ge Vivid Q Portable Ultrasound Machine


This GE product delivers what is expected of any standard GE medical equipment by using advanced technology to maximize the diagnostic capability of the medical professional in determining cardiovascular anomaly and LV functions. The image quality is superb and as the name suggests is very vivid. Along with a compact design, the GE Vivid Q Portable Ultrasound Machine provides great accuracy and increased diagnostic capability while maintaining high productivity.

The bunch of technologically advanced features that have been incorporated on various fronts include Parametric imagining and quantification support of clinical decisions, Auto Ejection Fraction to describe LV function, automated function imaging, Tissue velocity imaging and tissue tracking, tissue synchronization imaging and Intra cardiac Echo Imaging.

These features equip it with optimal performance capability, advanced quantitative analysis tools and increase the spectrum of its applications to provide common parameters and reduced dependency on image magnification by analyzing and tracking tissue structures and endocardial borders.

Automatic functionalities for locating systolic and diastolic frames and analysis of LV functions and clinical decision support enable differentiating disease from non disease segments and offers streamlined workflow. Advanced cardiac imaging capability translates into exceptional detail in information with regard to advanced interventional cardiography using ultrasound ICE imaging technology.

The compact design makes it portable and easy to move around. The comprehensive set of linear and convex transducers enable conduction of more vascular and abdominal exams. The quick and accurate measurement of carotid arterial intima media thickness helps provide early information on atherosclerosis risk.

The wide aperture improves signal to noise ration and spatial resolution for better penetration. Its functionalities extend its scope of application to within the operating room and in anesthesia by addressing perioperative needs and operative monitoring. The use of intra operative probe supports specific diagnoses within the OR and immediately after surgery. The acquired images can be shared on remote PC using eVue option. It also has significant applications in Pediatric echocardiography.


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