Future Plans Of Subway To Become Antibiotics Free In The US By Next Year


A walk towards better health is bringing positive changes in the food industry. The fresh sandwich chain subway is all set to serve antibiotics free chicken and meat in the U.S.

By next year and the coming nine years. They aim to replace all their chains with non-veg that does not contain antibiotics. As expressed on Tuesday.

Competitors like Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc and McDonald’s Corp have also replicated the announcement to follow the same change. This has brought a crucial state for the US livestock producers. They will have to cut down human antibiotics from their poultry production.

Subway team says the customers can buy chicken raised without antibiotics at its more than 27,000 fast-food restaurants starting in March. They had no statement to share on the availability of Turkey. They further promise to bring in antibiotics free pork and beef in the coming 6 yrs.

Dennis Clabby, executive vice president of Subway’s independent purchasing cooperative says that this change may take a little time as cattle’s take some time to grow.

The Natural Resources Defense Council and U.S. Public Interest Research Group expressed that they are preparing to send out petitions. With nearly 300,000 signatures those will call for a specific timeline for such action to take place.

The high dose of antibiotics in the animals will make them bug resistant and become harmful for the humans.

With subway commitments Mac Donald’s is also looking forward to bring a change by 2017 for its U.S restaurants. Following those Dunkin Donuts also promises to change their poultry consumption. But have yet not confirmed any deadline.

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