5 – Widely Known Foods Who Fight Back Fatty Liver


What happens if you are diagnosed with a fatty liver problem? Do you get scared and incline towards medicines, or do you try searching for better ways to cure the disease?

In both the cases, the problem perhaps shakes you a bit. There are numerous myths about fatty liver those leave you with miserable thoughts and even hopelessness

diffrence between a healthy liver and fat accumulated liver

To give you a closer view let me elaborate what exactly is fatty liver and its cause.

Our diet is made up of a specific amount of fat that our body should maintain. Irregularity in the fat content can cause inflammation and more prone to damage. It can lead to another kind of injuries, especially in the liver. With time, this fat builds up and can cause a serious problem.

When we talk about causes obesity and uneven diet are one of the biggest reasons to fatty liver. The state of the simple fatty liver is more prone to liver related diseases and damage. It is an intense state to see 75% of obese people likely to attract fatty liver problem.

To help you avoid this serious concern and also opt for measures to cure it. Here are a few active foods those help to fight back from the problem of overweight and fatty liver.


1. Beetroot and Carrots


Beetroot and carrots may not be the most chosen vegetable or fruit. But they are indeed one of the best ways to cleanse your body of toxins. They act as cleansers and clean the liver of useless sediments like fat and toxins. They are rich in flavonoids and beta-carotene that helps to boost the liver functioning.


2. Olive oil

olive oil

One of the most famous replacements that have taken place from saturated ghee and oil is olive oil. It is light and full of nutrients those are the body is deprived of. With the lipid lining, it absorbs toxins off the body which helps in making the liver functioning easily.


3. Green and leafy vegetables

green veggies

To consume Green vegetables is the basic advice of doctors and elders. The advice carries a lot of weight because it contains plant chlorophyll and other blood cleansing ingredients. They help to settle heavy proteins and other chemicals in the body. Try to eat more of juicy veggies in any form. It also contributes in the bile content for the body.

4. Lemon


To be true, I am in love with lemons! This is one of the ingredients that help in detoxifying the body and cleaning it in the most effective way. The high content of vitamin C contributes in liver functioning and sucks out the excessive unwanted substances from the body to maintain the health of the organs.

5. Turmeric


By now you must be surprised about the turmeric wonders those help our body and beauty in many ways. In context to the liver, turmeric has enzymes those easily excrete out nutritional carcinogens.

Note- consuming raw veggies is on the most natural and effective way to cure the fatty liver problem. Try including them in salads at least twice a day either in the morning to stay active all day or during lunch time.

There are many types of liver cleansing kits available but isn’t it better to go the natural way.

Include these far-fetched foods into your routine and fight back obesity that leads to the fatty liver condition.

Timely check your weight and visit the doctor for a routine checkup.


Stay healthy stay fit and go natural!



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