Fight pain subtly with Homoeopathy!


Pain is an expression of the body for any external or internal influence. The medical sciences have proved that when there is pain, it means body is still capable of expressing itself well and has got good reflex actions. So, pain in the first place is a good thing. Don’t be surprised, it is a fact. That’s why the people with diabetes in whom the natural reflex action is weakened due to peripheral neuropathy, pain is absent in many illnesses. Because of absence of pain, any injury is often missed in diabetic people.

However, this doe not mean we should just ignore pain. Rather it is pain that catches our attention than any other illness. A person in pain is said the most miserable because pain is a subjective feeling that the person experiences and it cannot be seen unless there is tenderness of any part associated with it. So, treatment of pain of any part is necessary for the relief of patient. Be it backache, knee pain, sciatic pain, menstrual colic, renal calculus pain, or migraine! Each pain has its own characteristics like thrusting pain, mild dull aching pain, throbbing pain, and sharp lancinating pain.

How to treat pain?

Obviously, treatment of any pain is dependent upon its causative factor. Because unless a causative factor is known, one cannot administer analgesic medication to relieve the pain. It may happen that the patient is suffering from abdominal pain because of pancreatitis and he takes some NSAID like diclofenac without knowing it, his condition will deteriorate further. So, understanding the cause of pain is the prime step before going for its treatment. There are different pain medications available-

* In most cases, allopathic pain killers are used to alleviate the initial acute pain. Narcotics, NSAIDs and other co-analgesic drugs are usually used. However, these drugs can only be used for a definitive period and may have one or more side effects.
* To avoid the side effects, many people opt for alternative treatments for pain relief. More the natural form of medication used for pain relief, less are the side effects. No wonder, people opt for homoeopathic medicines more nowadays in order to attain a lasting relief. How Homoeopathy helps?

1. Whether for migraine, or for menstrual colic, Homoeopathy believes that each case should be treated on an individual basis. So, even the menstrual colic of two different women should be treated differently depending upon their constitution and symptomatology.

2. Being a holistic mode of treatment, homoeopathy helps in treating the root cause of any type of pain and gives lasting relief without any side effects.

3. Many different medicines prepared from natural substances like Arnica, Rhus toxicodendron, Hypericum, etc are used to treat different pains.

So, treat yourself with the magical Homoeopathy for any kind of pain ranging from pain of fracture, that of osteoarthritis, or of renal calculus. Be pain-free with side effect-free holistic mode of alternative therapy!


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