How Facebook Helped To Save A Life Without A Friend Request


It came as a surprise to know that Louise Drewery had no connection with Stacy before this meeting. The only connection she claims is of a mother. All she wanted was to help someone and see Stacy’s kids have their mother beside.

Stacy had been suffering from chronic kidney disease. She found it tough to take care of her 3-year-old child. It was difficult for her to move around or even carry the basic chores.

Since, her parents were not suitable enough to donate their kidney. Her father had no option than to request people around for donation. After waiting for three long years, her parents were losing hope and could see time shrinking.

In agony and waiting for a ray of hope. Her father posted a plea on Facebook. He requested for a courageous soul to donate a kidney to his daughter to live more. He says within seconds his inbox was flooded with messages.

Amongst these Louise as one of the Facebook member came across this message. After reading the request. Sitting with her husband she thought of helping Stacy in every way possible.

Once she contacted Stacy’s father. The doctors diagnosed Louise’s kidney for 13 strong months. After this session, they confirmed her to be fit enough to donate. People found it surprising and little way above humanity to see her help a stranger at such a crucial time.

On asking all Lousie had to say was “Alfie is only little and deserves to have his mom there growing up.”

The operation date came nearer and nearer. The only fear that was shaking Louise was she is saving a mom for one and was praying that this does not take away a mom of two. (Her two kids)

Eventually, It was a successful operation. Though Louise had the option of quitting at any point of time. But, she went ahead to help Stacy because she knew and felt she could.

Their bond is inevitable and is encouraging a lot of people across the UK to help those in need. According to the charity give a kidney there are a lot of donations taking place.

The touch of humanity is opening eyes amongst people with such glorious examples. There has been a drastic increase towards gifting a better life to people in the countries near The UK.

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