Enlightening Your Heart!


Sometimes, I wonder that do people really show what they are going through deep inside their hearts. Whenever we ask our loved ones, friends that how are you doing? Mostly you will get an answer saying- I am fine. Not many people express their sorrows and pain which they are going through. Few days back I went to see my ill best friend and encountered something which was totally deplorable. I saw a drugs packet in my friend’s drawer.

I was totally shocked when she confessed that she has been taking drugs for the last many months. I was startled when I discovered that, needless to say that I wanted to confront it to her that why she never told me that why she was taking drugs. Her mother explained me her condition, that she is diagnosed from chronic depression for the last many months. I was so devastated, that I didn’t know how to react.I started looking back and asking myself that why I never noticed that my own best friend was going through traumatic feelings. I was too occupied with my new job that I didn’t have enough time to meet up with her. Watching her on the bed was agony, but still I wanted to talk to her about how she was feeling.

She broke down in tears while sharing her pain, when she shared her suffering; I felt a deep guilt inside me as I was not there for her when she needed me by her side. It made me think that when you are alone and facing certain problems in your life how can you tackle them.

I did lot of search on the medications you can take, as prescribed by health professionals, antidepressant medication are considered to be the right option. It actually relives you from depression, for example Tricycle drugs are commonly advisable for the cure of depression.


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