Emotional Eating Hazardous To Health


Each year across the globe the number of people suffering with obesity and over weight problem is increasing constantly. The reason behind this problem is excessive consumption of food coupled with lack of exercise. Several life threatening diseases are related with obesity. By following healthy life style it is possible to reverse this pandemic disease. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables incorporated with exercise can be of great help to overcome this disease.

The major reason of increase in number of obese people is eating out of boredom. It is a form of emotional eating and can be disastrous for health. So it needs to be dealt on time to live a healthy life. Mostly people eat while watching television and some sleep late night so to accompany them; they often snack on calorie laden food. Even sometimes people who undergoes situation like loss of close family member, heart break, social repercussions may also face emotional eating.

To break free from this unhealthy eating you should focus toward other thing that can keep can divert your mind from food. To keep off from unnecessary eating it is suggested to engage yourself in other activities through out the day. Another therapeutic way is to pursue hobby classes including painting, dancing, and music and so on. Cycle ride with friends is also an interesting way of exercise and it also gives an opportunity to socialize.

You should have food when hungry and not make it as a habit to fulfill the emotional void. Thus to live a healthy life it is necessary to avoid eating unnecessarily.


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