Electronic Medical Records: For Improved Health Care Facility


Technological development in today’s scenario has helped in the generation of computerized form of health information system which is popularly known as Electronic Medical Records system. Its development has been of immense help to the medical professionals as well as the healthcare administrators in improvising the work style thereby offering higher grade of professionalism in the work.

electronic medical records health-care facility

This development in digital technology has assisted in delivering performance in various levels of healthcare operations. Apart from this, it has also been helpful for being the most effective and cost efficient medical solution for the people.

This EMR technology is proficient in converting all the medical related documents of a patient in the highly adaptable digital format. This can be used by the medical professionals instantly thereby improving the performance of the medical center. This technology is of immense help to the practitioners as they can take the required decision quickly with all the electronic documents handy. Thus the system helps in managing the patient’s documents and provides accessibility to the documents very easily. It has the facility of scanning the existing documents in digital format which can be updated using the best suitable solution.

As we all aware of the fact that the medical records are the crucial components in every stage of our lives therefore care should be taken that all the documents are easily transferable. Department of health care has amended the law related to continuing care retirement communities. This concept has specially been designed to support the retired personal with respect to medical care facilities. This facility is termed as CCRC electronic medical records. It comprises of three components such as independent residential accommodation, skilled nursing facility and health care facility for adults.

This facility is adopted by most of the elderly people while they are still living independently with required health care facilities. As individual progresses in age, his health care need gets altered along with the nursing care level. Thus, the service level is altered with respect to the advancement of individual’s age. Such senior personnel can opt to stay in this community for rest of the life. While in case of critical illness he can opt to return back to his residence after getting recovered. This solution is ideal for senior candidates.


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