Drink Water and Lose Weight

Drink Water and Lose Weight

You must have read and heard many times that to stay healthy your body must be free from toxins. It is a truth and this is possible if you drink water in sufficient quantities. Drinking water will let you not only stay healthy but also lose weight. Yes, it is true that if you consume water in appropriate quantities, losing weight will not be a dream anymore.

Savor Water Rich Foods

There are some foods, which are high on water content. These foods are both rich source of nutrients and ideal substitute of processed and fried foods. You may lose upto 800 calories in one day, if you consume water based vegetables and fruits such as cucumber, lemon, apples, grapes, carrots, spinach, watermelon, radishes and kiwi.

Other benefits of these foods:

  • Easily digestible
  • Add volume to the diet plan
  • Improves physical functions of the body
  • Refill body’s natural reserves

The Right Quantity of Water to Drink to Lose Weight

Water is responsible for high metabolic rate as it helps is quick and easy food digestion, which means burning fat is now easily possible and hence lose weight faster. But you should know the right quantity of water that you need to consume in order to lose weight. The minimum quantity of water is 2 liters that needs to be taken in one day. Consume 3 glasses cold water before breakfast. This will activate and improve your metabolism rate. And, burn fat even when you are just sitting and doing nothing.


Water to Drink to Lose Weight
You need to refrain from consuming aerated drinks, processed foods and caffeinated beverages to reduce weight speedily and effectively. Instead, take soups and juices.

Drink the water in right quantity and consume healthy foods to stay in shape and remain healthy.

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