Dr Gallo All Set To Challenge The HIV Virus With His New Vaccine


In 1984 when Dr Robert Gallo discovered this virus he had no clue, It would take so much time to find its vaccine.

As a director of the Institute of Human Virology, he is all set to carry a clinical test. His initial stage of the testing will allow 60 volunteers to test their immunity after the vaccine. It will carry on for a year. After testing the same on monkeys, the results have been positive.

The complex part is that the virus is tough to track and more than 100 vaccines have been tested. There is a tough struggle with this virus. Once it gets into the white blood cells it becomes invisible when you diagnose the immune system. The vaccine will produce antibodies those will fight with the HIV Virus. It will protect the white blood cells. Gallo’s vaccine contains the HIV surface protein gp120. It will connect to a few portions of the CD4 receptor.

Once HIV is attached to both these T-cell receptors. It can successfully infect the immune cell and copy itself.

The development of the vaccine is being led by IHV’s George Lewis. In his team, he includes Antonio DeVico and Timothy Fouts.

The vaccine is set to begin human trials, after a promising trial on animals. So, if they see a person who is on medication and the viral load going up. With the CD4 count not improving. They go on to do what is called a resistance testing.

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