Don’t fret break ups! They are part of life!


We like to read novels in which the hero and heroine after all hassles live happily ever after. We like happy endings because we like similar things to happen in our lives. But alas! Life is not a novel and we have to endure many ups and downs as regards different relations are concerned.

Especially when it comes to male and female relations, those are beyond the realms of “just friendship”, there are all the more complicated issues to handle. When the happy going relation turns sour and breaks up, many issues crop up for both the partners, but the one who is emotionally vulnerable may succumb into the depths of depression.


There are different ranges of break up depression-

* Temporary depression- If the person experiences the world going against him or her for initial period after the break up, it is obvious feeling and there is nothing much to worry about. A good counseling with examples of similar events also helps one get over the crisis. Rather, this type is a normal symptom after break up and should not be termed clinically as depression.

* Teenage depression- being a period of transition both physiologically and mentally, teenage is the most vulnerable period for heart break ups. It has been roughly estimated that out of five teenage romances, one teenager suffers from teenage break up depression. At times, the crisis requires alarming sensitivity on part of parents or well-wishers, as a teenager may become violent due to suppressed feelings.

* Critical depression- After break up, some people react unusually alarmingly and represent suicidal thoughts and/or actions. This is definitely a clinical depression and even the slight awareness about it is enough to treat the case. Usually it affects those people more who have low self esteem.

How to deal with the break up depression?

It is found that break up depressions take more time to heal than other types of depression. Also it is a fact that most people loathe counseling during this period, because they want time for themselves. However, a well-guided counseling by an expert counselor definitely proves beneficial. Most of the times, people prefer books over counselors that depict situations like them exactly. When a person comes to know there are many similar sufferers like him or her, it is psychologically soothing than just plain words like “it will pass”.

Also this kind of break up depression may need certain anti-depressant drugs to make them compliant with the situation. Well, end of a relationship, whether in marriage or otherwise, is not easy to bear. But remember life is good and everything happens for good!


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