Do Males Menopause? Surprising Facts & Notes Related to Male Menopause

male menopause

We all know that we refer to a female’s menopause as the end of her reproductive cycle. But what exactly is the case of male menopause? Well, is there such a thing as male menopause? Is it a myth or reality? We are going to answer with the facts and surprising notes related to it.

What is Male Menopause?

Unlike females, males go through many changes and symptoms as they grow older. It has been found that the male menopause age is 30. After the age of 30, the level of testosterone, a male hormone reduces at the rate of one percent per year. This phenomenon has been sometimes referred to as andropause as well.

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But experts differ in their opinions on this matter. The decrease in testosterone in males can be related to many factors including diets, way of lifestyle, exercise, etc.

So the myth is: Male Menopause is real

And the reality is: There is no male menopausemale menopauseImportant notes to be considered

Since we know male menopause is just a myth and it is a phenomenon of reduced testosterone level, we should always be aware of the following points as a real fact.

  1. Testosterone is a male hormone that is required for the growth of body hairs, building bones and muscles, and of course, producing the reproductive cells- sperms.
  2. With an increase in age, consumption of medicines, injury, or other lifestyle factors, the level of testosterone decreases.
  3. This drop in testosterone with the aging of males is considered as male menopause, which is just a testosterone deficiency syndrome.
  4. Sperm production never stops in the body unless there is severe body dysfunction.
  5. Not every man experiences this so-called menopause, but only those who have health issues related to their hormones.

male menopauseSo what accounts for low testosterone?

There are many reasons which can cause reduced hormone levels in our body. Everybody is different and goes through a different lifestyle and different behaviors.

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So here are a few important factors that can lead to low testosterone levels:

  1. Regular consumption and certain medication can reduce the level of testosterone
  2. Certain hormone disorders
  3. Injury of testicles because of any external or internal factors such as accidents
  4. Any genetic condition may also cause reduced testosterone levels
  5. Frequent exposures to radiations (especially people working on plants with high radiations)
  6. People going through chemotherapy may suffer through this
  7. Chronic health issues including and not limited to depression, obesity, diabetes, etc. may also account for low testosterone levels.

How can one identify a reduced testosterone level?

male menopause symptomsThe male hormone’s decreasing rate is very less as compared to that of women. It emerges more slowly and subtly. But one should consider the following symptoms to identify if they are suffering from reduced testosterone levels.

Male Menopause Symptoms

  1. Loss of muscle mass. Since testosterone is a muscle-building hormone, its reduced level can cause thinning in muscles.
  2. Mood swings. Yes, not only females, with changes in hormones, males too can suffer from mood swings.
  3. Loss of body hair
  4. A decline in sexual function (erection and pre-ejaculation problems)
  5. A decrease in bone density


Though male menopause is gradual and natural in men, it should not be taken lightly or ignored. If one experiences any of such symptoms then it is very much advised to consult a doctor.

After all, a healthy lifestyle is one should thrive for. Here were the myths and reality of the male’s menopause and facts and notes related to it. What do you feel about male menopause? Do you believe it is something the same as female menopause? Please do not forget to leave your views on this in the comment sections below.

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