Discover a perfect fitness plan for your overweight child


Plan a healthy weight loss program for your overweight child. First of all love your child the way he is, irrespective of his bad eating habits. Always remember during childhood the growth process requires a proper support system from the parents. Indeed it’s a matter of concern if your child is obese, lets work towards improving your Childs unhealthy eating habits.

Following are few ways to help your overweight child:

1) Watch out your eating habits because Childs follow their parents first!

Many parents are always complaining about their Childs eating habits. But sometimes they don’t really understand that where the problem lies. Why the child is more inclined towards junk foods like chips, burgers, pizzas etc. In today’s busy lifestyle when parents themselves are habituated to order food from outside then naturally the child will develop the same kind of habits.

You need to focus on the kind of food options you make for yourself. Learn the kinds of healthy food choices you should make for your family which also includes you. First you should practice the fitness plan which you want your child to follow then only you can expect your child to follow on your foot steps.

2) Don’t use food as an incentive

It’s a common practice of parents to allure child in certain stages of growing up. I myself remember my mom used to give chocolates, candies as an award. Considering that she has always been a very health conscious person

Indeed rewards or incentives are a great moral booster but only when it is set for the welfare of the child. Every child love different playful activities then why not offer your child a game which he always wanted to buy. It’s even alright to buy him his favorite ice-cream once in a while but don’t make it as a daily routine.

3) Educate your child in a playful way

Whenever you go to the grocery store try asking your child to accompany you. Spend some time with him in showing the food options that are healthy. Kids often get attracted towards colorful things. Show him the green vegetables section and ask him to choose the one he likes. Usually kids get curious in knowing different kinds of things they watch in their day to day life.

Give your child enough freedom to explore different varieties of vegetables, meat, fish etc. Tell him the importance of healthy food options; initially you can’t expect your child to always make the right choices. But the process of educating your child has to start from somewhere right!

4) Talk to your child if you notice any sign of emotional eating

Any one can suffer from emotional eating irrespective of any age group. Sometimes kids also get trapped in sadness and boredom. This can lead to inclination towards unhealthy junk food options. It’s very crucial to talk to your child and find out if there is anything which is bothering him.

Be sympathetic once your child opens up, you should tell your child that how much you care and love him. Don’t force things on your child instead replace unhealthy highly processed snacks with healthy options?

5) Proper Breakfast is very important

Make sure that your child has a proper diet in the morning, as breakfast is considered to be the largest part of the daily meal. Otherwise your child will not get enough energy to concentrate in his studies.

Irrespective of the age group, we all require heavy and nutritious breakfast as its important to jumpstart your body system. Breakfast should consist of proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, healthy fats and sufficient amount of vitamins.

6) Create a supportive environment for the child

You can’t expect your overweight child to stick to vegetables and boiled food while others family members are splurging around and having pizza and burgers. You need to create a healthy environment in your family, don’t just focus on your obese child. Rather consider setting a family goal where you will encourage everybody to switch to healthier options. This way your child will not feel sidelined but will feel encouraged to participate.

7) Plan a family fun time

Most parents are so busy in their day to day schedule that they hardly get time to pay attention to their child. Make an effort to take out some time to spend some quality time with your child.

Make sure that you at least have a family meal, this will bring you closer to your child. On the week ends go out with your child and play any of his favorite sports activity. These kinds of family get together are very essential for the growth of your child.

8) Encourage your child to help you in the kitchen

I can tell you from my personal experience that kids love to experiment in the kitchen. Don’t feel hesitant to involve your child in the kitchen work. Kids find it interesting when they create new things and especially when they are colorful. Let your child play with colorful vegetables and make his own stylized dish!

If your child is interested in participating in the kitchen then don’t presume that it’s a dangerous thing to allow him in the kitchen. Always know the limitations of your child and guide them achieve success with a proper support system.

9) Say Bye to colas

Needless to say, what kids usually prefer whenever they are thirsty?

Colas, soda! These kinds of beverages are just empty calories and don’t contain any kind of nutrients. Switch Over to refreshing options like fresh juice, water. Just cut off cold drinks and sodas from your family drink and notice the difference in your child’s energy level. Its not surprising that why today’s generation kids lack energy because they don’t drink enough quantity of water.

10) Balanced approach

Balance the diet plan in the right way and do treat your child once in a week. Don’t refuse if once in a while your child demands a coup of ice cream.


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