Debates Over Antibiotics: It May Kill Good Bacteria


Antibiotics have helped us live longer, but in the latest research it is advised to prescribe fewer antibiotics because overuse of the drug may contribute to allergies, superbugs, diabetes, obesity and even kill off bacteria which fight disease.

A series of latest researches on the use of antibiotics has been proved that the drug can increase risk of various diseases.

Martin Blaser, US microbiology experts is going to publish his research later this year; his research is also saying, “Antibiotics never fully recover good bacteria.”

According to NHS statistics, the average child in the UK takes ten courses of antibiotics by the age of 16.

Dr. Blaser has requested people to lower down antibiotics doses as it is killing friendly bacteria.

Two years back, Britain’s chief medical officer, Dom Donaldson, was also requested people to cut down on antibiotics for cough, cold and flue. So, it’s time now to consider this point if you are conscious about your kids’ health.


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