Common Problems Women May Have During And After Sex


Sexual ProblemsAs we all know, sex is one of the commonest desires of men and women alike. With passing times, the taboo regarding sexual issues is slowly getting blurred and many women are ready to discuss the issue with their doctors, physicians, and in online forums. Women’s life is no doubt filled to the brim with varied milestones that start right from the onset of her menstrual cycle. Thereafter she undergoes pregnancy, child-rearing, menopausal blues, and various problems pertaining to these periods.

Among all the problems, she dreads the problems that occur during sexual intercourse. This is because the sex is the thing that is very close to her heart and so is her partner. The sex for her is not mere physical thing but a blend of physical and emotional pleasure and therefore, those are the happy women who enjoy their sex life.

Comprehending the common problems during intercourse can help a woman understand her problems and she can take appropriate treatment for the same. Let’s see the problems-

1) Pain during coitus- it is termed dyspareunia in medical terms. This is one of the commonest conditions encountered by women during intercourse. Well, those women who encounter some degree of pain during initial period after marriage do not have much reason to worry because such pain is common and diminishes after a few days of regular intercourse. So the girls and women out there on their honeymoons need not fret the pain during coitus.

But those women who continue to have pain during sex need to visit good gynecologist so that the cause can be found and treated appropriately.

There may be vaginal infections like Chlamydia, trichomoniasis, etc.

There might be vaginismus during coitus leading to spasmodic contraction of vagina thus causing pain. This may be attributed to the emotional discomfort, a kind of fearful attitude towards sex or may be due to some vaginal infections also. Appropriate anti-infective treatment can put an end to your woes and you can enjoy your sex.Endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and polyps can also give rise to pain during intercourse. The gynecologist advice and treatment are must for these cases.

2) Bleeding during or after intercourse- there are many women who have a great act of love and suddenly find themselves bleeding heavily. One thing is sure that these women must get their gynecological investigations done from experts because this may be the sign of some underlying problems like cervicitis, sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, cervical polyps, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroid, and cervical cancer. However, if such bleeding occurs in post-menopausal woman without any positive investigation report, be sure that it occurred due to dryness of vagina due to hormonal depletion. An appropriate hormone replacement therapy is what such women need and can very well restore normal sexual function thereafter.

3) Urinary incontinence– there are women who experience dribbling urine during or after coitus. This is an embarrassing situation but pretty common than it is thought to be. Some women complain of urinary incontinence during penetration and some complain it only after they get orgasm. The irritable bladder or weakness at the neck of bladder may be the likely cause. However, the exact cause still eludes in most women. Emptying bladder just before coitus may help. Don’t indulge in caffeinated drinks before coitus. If there is leakage of urine also during other times, you may be having a problem of urinary incontinence due to fistulae occurred during delivery. Consult your gynecologist for further evaluation.

4) some or the other minor problems like post-coital headaches or semen allergies may occur though are rare as compared to above mentioned symptoms and can be treated accordingly. Emotional problems related to disharmonized coitus may occur in couples with any kind of discord. Psychotherapy and counseling can help resolve these problems.

Thus, venting out your sexual problem at least in front of gynecologist is the crux of receiving appropriate treatment. You definitely do not want to waste your sex life due to these problems. Get treated and enjoy normal sex again!



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