Cold & Flu: Prevention and Treatment a.k.a. Ounces V/S Pounds



Summer has ended and a new season is upon us.  It’s not just autumn, but it is cold and flu season.  As we reluctantly put away our summer tees and shorts in favor of fall sweats and jackets, our own stubbornness causes many cold and flu infections we get at this time of year.  Very few like to see autumn arrive because most people prefer the warm climate to the cool climate.  We don’t like to admit that with the advent of autumn will lead us into the advent of winter, when ‘cool’ becomes ‘all out COLD’. 

If you allow your body to be vulnerable by wearing the wrong clothing, your body will become vulnerable and susceptible to being attacked by the ever-present common cold and the ever-strengthening flu virus.  I remember seeing an old saying at a doctor’s office and as I’ve gotten older I’ve found this saying to be true.  It is true that flu prevention takes just seconds, but flu recovery takes weeks.  I have found this saying to be true of more than just the flu.  This also applies to colds, or any other illness there is out there.

So basically that old adage that says the ounce of prevention is better than the pound of cure is really true.  It is far better to prevent colds and flu than to treat them, because once they get in your body they will not let go easily. So we can prevent these things.  Here are a few tips that should be useful:

1. Get a flu and/or pneumonia shot because having these in your system provide you with additional antibodies to fight these infections.  These antibodies will keep flu and other infections at bay and allow you to remain more flu free this season.

2. Dress for the weather, for example, if you get up and it is forty degrees put on a long tee or light sweater at the least.  If the temp is going to be in the sixties or seventies, pack a short tee to change into.  Under-dressing is a sure way to invite sickness in your body.

3. Drink or eat a lot of vitamin C because this is one vitamin your body cannot get enough of.  Vitamin C helps your immune system and the stronger your immune system is; the easier it is for it to fight off infections and strengthen your body.

If after all of this you still wind up getting the cold or flu, be sure to get a lot of rest, drink plenty of clear liquids, take vitamin C, eat chicken soup, and stay warm.  By doing this you will bounce back more quickly and be more prepared for the next volley of flu and cold assaults, and rest assured there will be a next volley.  Cold & flu is unrelenting in their attacks, just bear this in mind.

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