Why are ceramic braces recommended for adults?

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Looking good has become a priority now for people all over the world. Crooked teeth or broken teeth can mar the appearance of a person and make them self conscious in social settings. Dental braces were commonly worn by children a few decades ago, but today an increasing number of adults are also seeking the services of dental orthodontic specialists to have braces fitted. Crooked teeth can have more than one repercussion on the life of the person. They not only lead to social isolation, but also limit the bite force of natural teeth.

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Did you know : Over 50% of the people having crooked teeth suffer from “malocclusion”, also known as “bad bite”?

Metal orthodontic braces are the most common type of braces used in children. But, adults do not prefer this option since they are easily visible to the naked eye. Most of them would prefer braces that serve the purpose well without making them feel awkward or embarrassed. Ceramic braces are the first choice for many adults because they comprise of tooth coloured braces that blend well with natural teeth. Only a thin wire of metal connecting these braces is noticeable.

The latest developments in dentistry help overcome this problem too, thanks to the translucent bands that can be used with clear brackets. Once these braces are fitted in place by the dental orthodontic specialist, they perform their task without hampering your social life because they are resistant to stains and discolouration.

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Did you know : Over a million adults in America use orthodontic braces to straighten their teeth?

Many adults opting for dental braces also choose the self litigating ceramic braces. These are braces that do not require any band to connect them to one another. Instead, they are held in place by specially designed clips. The use of self litigating braces reduces the number of visits to the orthodontic specialist since they can be cleaned easily. These braces are not only resistant to discolouration, but also prevent the plaque build up.

Ceramic dental braces are a perfect choice for adults who want to get straighter teeth without spending money hand over fist. These braces are definitely expensive compared to the traditional metal braces, but are worth every dollar since they are unnoticeable. However, they are affordable compared to invisalign braces that cost a fortune. Ceramic braces allow you to smile without any inhibitions even when you have them on.

light bulbDid you know :  All orthodontists are dentists but only 5 percent of dentists are orthodontists?

Ceramic braces are indeed a boon to adults suffering you misaligned teeth; however, there are a few tips to keep in mind while using them. Ensure you visit the dental orthodontic specialist at periodic intervals to have the ligatures cleaned. Switch over to an electric toothbrush because it not only removes plaque and stains, but also improve blood flow to the gums which helps the teeth align faster. Use a straw while drinking coloured liquids such as sodas and juices. Do not eat food that is too hard to bite since it may damage the braces.

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