Causes of Diabetes


There is a lot of uneasiness among people when they hear the word Diabetes. The primary reason is that there are a lot of myths surrounding this disease and most people are not aware of the causes of diabetes. There are also a lot of common misconceptions about causes of diabetes and the actual nature of this disease. 

To understand the causes of diabetes we need to know that diabetes has two variations to it. The first is called Type I which is defined as an autoimmune disease. The causes of diabetes Type is when the Beta cells in the body have been destroyed by the overall hostile nature of cells present in the body. There is an opinion among researchers that there are some underlying risk and Etiology factors that lead to this cause of diabetes.

The second variation is the Type II diabetes which is defined as being “non-insulin dependant” diabetes. Here the diabetes cause is understood as there being ample production of insulin in the body but the body cannot use it efficiently. This diabetes cause common among middle aged people is that more than 80% affected by this diabetes cause are overweight.    

Lets us now have a look at the causes of diabetes.

There is an opinion that one of the causes of diabetes is due to genes passed down the generations may carry the strain of diabetes. Inherited or hereditary qualities are a known and accepted diabetes cause.

Age is yet another diabetes cause. While it can occur at any age, it has been seen that most cases are above the age of 50. 

Poor nutrition is also an accepted diabetes cause. A low fiber, high protein diet along with excess of refined products is known to be one of the many causes of diabetes.
Excess weight increases the resistance of the body to insulin and here you have diabetes cause number four.

Lack of exercise is the number four diabetes cause.  People who exercise a minimum of three times per week are less susceptibly to diabetes than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Emotional upsets and/or physical injuries are often called the initial harbinger of the disease. Clinical signs where there is an imbalance in the ACTH therapy or Corticosteroid is sited as yet another diabetes cause.

A high systolic reading and diabetes are shown to be related at some level which makes hypertension on of the causes of diabetes.       

Blood sugar is connected to the cholesterol and high triglyceride levels in the body according to studies and this makes lipoproteins and serum lipids causes for diabetes.

The causes of diabetes are very medical in nature but there are myths and misconceptions about this disease that are abound. Diabetes is not caused by eating sweets, but excess of the wrong type of food will lead to obesity which is a cause of type II diabetes. Stress, turns the body against itself which becomes a cause for type I diabetes. The most common misconception is that diabetes is contagious but getting passed on is not a cause of diabetes.


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