5 Unexpected Causes Of Ageing Fast

Fast Ageing

Ageing is a process that you cannot stop. But you must have seen people who look more than their age. Also, some people have a much younger look on their face. Have you wondered how this is possible? It is because there are some habits that some people avoid as they know these will age them much before time. And, the ones who are unable to do it suffer from ageing fast.
Fast AgeingApart from the known causes, there are some unexpected factors that you might have never known causes for ageing fast. Here are 5 of these shocking habits/factors that will cause fast ageing.

1. Drinking through Straws and from Bottles

It is not about always what you drink can affect you but also matters is how you drink.

Due to the pursing action that occurs when you drink from straw or bottle, wrinkles and fine lines develop around your mouth.

And, this is just same when you do smoking. Avoid drinking this way and drink from glass to keep fast ageing at bay.

2. Job

Yes, you heard it right. Although getting a job is essential more than anything yet this is also one of the surprising factors that cause early ageing. As job induces stress so the process of cell ageing intensifies. When you give in more time at work, you tend to have less time for proper diet, exercise and sleep.

Avoid working for longer and stretched duration and utilize weekends and evenings to relax.

3. Soap

Soap is one of the worst enemies of your skin. Skin’s protective layer of oil is removed when you use soap that has high amount of alkaline in it. This ultimately results in wrinkles.

Use chemical free and PH-neutral cleanser.

4. Inadequate or Excess Exercise

Exercise is really helpful when it comes to keeping you young. When you exercise daily, you keep diseases at bay and feel rejuvenated. The blood flow towards your skin improves as a result of exercising in a routine which in turn makes you look fair and youthful. Exercising excessively will develop cramps and stretch your muscles, only to adversely affect you.

5. Watching TV

Not only watching TV for longer duration leaves you with a bigger waistline but also decreases your age. Many diseases like Alzheimer’s set their claw on you if you excessively watch TV.

Although it is not in your hand to stop ageing yet you can definitely set your habits right to age gracefully. Make changes in whatever unhealthy you do in a day and you will be successful in having age defying looks.

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