Intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting – All You Need to Know

Intermittent Fasting is gaining popularity with health-conscious people. It is easier to follow because it doesn’t restrict you from consuming calories from what you...
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10 Dinner Options for Faster Weight Loss

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7 Fastest Ways to Get Rid of Double Chin

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11 Simpler Ways to Lose Weight Without Crash Dieting

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Lesser Known Foods That Actually Speed Up Your Weight Loss

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How to Lower Cholesterol- 5 Home Treatments That Work Wonders

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Dear Men, Belly Fat Can Cost You Your Life. Read Why and How to...

What causes belly fat in males? An imbalance between calorie intake and output or insufficient activity are the most common causes.Fat can show up...

Weight Loss Surgery May Help You Reduce Urinary Problem

Obesity is often associated with lower urinary tract symptoms like frequent micturition, leakage of bladder, incomplete bladder emptying or the need to urinate at...
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7 Natural Ways to Get Lean and Fit Faster

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Drink Water and Lose Weight

You must have read and heard many times that to stay healthy your body must be free from toxins. It is a truth and...
Calculate Your Obesity Years To Know The Risks

Calculate Your Obesity Years To Know The Risks

Fellows of Monash University Australia have conducted a detailed study to relate the years you have been obese and the possible risks you may...
Diet Program

Diet Solution Program: Key to Healthy Regime

No one wants to look fat and ugly. With ongoing awareness about risks related to obesity people are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle...