Cancer Treatments: Understanding The Different Treatment Methods


There are different types of cancer treatment available in the market to cure cancer. Some are safe and mild, while others are little strong and harsh for the body. Depending upon your bodily strength and will power, you should choose the right type of treatment for yourself. There are chemical treatments as well as surgery treatments as well as herbal treatments.

In the below section, we discuss in detail the different types of cancer treatment methods:


The most commonly used method for cancer treatment is chemotherapy. It is also used as a supplementary method along with various other treatment methods like surgery and radiation therapy. The treatment is aimed at attacking the cancer generating cells in the body and stopping their growth in the body. One of the most harsh and strong methods of fighting cancer, chemotherapy has several side effects like blackening of skin, hair fall and baldness, loss of appetite. However, not all people notice or face these side effects.

Chemotherapy works to destroy growth of any new cancer cell in the body, any recurring cancer cells as well as to destroy the cancer cells that do not get destroyed because of surgery. The type of drugs to be used depends upon your medical condition as well as your medical history. Chemotherapy can be done through injections or by taking pills or by rubbing a cream on your skin or by feeding the medicine in your artery.

Surgical Treatment:

Surgical treatment for cancer is adopted when there is a lump formation in any particular part of the body. In such circumstances, it is easily possible to cut out that portion, i.e. the tumour and any surrounding tissues, and separate it from the body. However, surgery cannot necessarily be used to cure cancer. It can’t be used when the cancer cells are wide spread in the body and do not affect any specific organ.  Once surgery is done, doctors often follow it by chemotherapy to completely remove cancer cells.


It is also possible to cure cancer with the use of radiation. The therapy that uses radiation is called as Radiotherapy. Radiation is nothing but a special type of gamma or x-rays used to damage or hurt the cancerous cells and stops their multiplication.

Biological Therapy:

Proteins are used in order to build up the immunity system by creating white blood cells in your body and to fight the destruction creating cancer cells. Ability to produce cancer-killing cells, called the T-cell and B-cell is increased with the help of proteins.

Herbal Treatments:

Combination of natural herbs can be used for curing cancer. Usually, such treatment methods are safe and do not involve any side effects. The treatment process, however, progresses a little slowly.

Hormone therapy:

This is used to cure breast cancer or incidence of prostate cancer. This therapy blocks the cancer producing hormones from staying active. Medication is also provided to block the body from producing cancer-generating hormone. This treatment is used to affect the cancer diseases that are fuelled due to a particular hormone growth.

Before deciding upon the right type of treatment, it is essential to consult your doctor and to seek his advice as to the right type of treatment for you.


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