Cancer Research: It’s Growing Importance But Discouraging Setbacks


Cancer cannot be defined under the category of a single disease. These uncanny unpredictable malignancies included in cancer can literally affect every organ of human body. Thus to curb this emerging menace, cancer research is the reliable tool.

Cancer research helps in the identification of the respective causes of cancer and develops the strategies for the diagnosis, prevention and cure for cancer. The various features those are included in cancer research

*  Molecular bioscience
*  Epidemology
*  Clinical trials and comparison of various cancer treatments
*  Cancer applications, which range from therapy of hormone, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, gene therapy, immunotherapy etc.
*  Functioning strategies of cancer research

The areas of research for cancer treatment are basically genetics, environmental and chemical factors, mutations, diet, etc. Cancer research includes the discovery of tumour suppressor genes. These genes play a decisive role in researching about the innumerable cancer types. It also includes a detailed study regarding the stages of oncogenes, the dramatic cell proliferation, development of tumours,

Institutes for cancer research

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of institutes conducting cancer research. More that four hundred million dollars in invested in these institutes by the government, charitable institutions and pharmaceutical industries. Some of the renowned cancer research institutes are American Association for Cancer Research, Cancer Research UK, Dana-farber/ Harvard Cancer Centre, American Society of Clinical Oncology, and Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Recent Updates

The number of deaths caused by cancer has witnessed an apparent decrease in the past years. New York Times recently revealed that there has been a tremendous decrease of around twelve thousand deaths caused due to cancer when compared with the early nineties.  There has been prominent research in the cancer types including prostate, breast and lung.

Advances in breast cancer research

It has been discovered that the xenoestrogens normally found in cosmetic, nail polish removers, lotions, pesticides and insecticides cause hormonal imbalances and disrupt the normal functioning of the immunity system.

Advances in lung cancer research

It has been discovered that early detection of ultra violet photography helps in reducing chances of skin lesions and skin cancer. UV camera and photodynamic therapy is another evolving tool for the diagnosis.

Advances in prostate cancer research

Prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent cancer types affecting males. The Prostate specific antigen test is one of its diagnosis tools. The specific reasons behind the causes of prostate cancer are still unknown. It has been discovered that prostate cancer mostly affects the black men. It has also been discovered that anti-inflammatory medicines, for example aspirin helps in reducing the chances of prostate cancer.

Drawbacks of cancer research

One of the setbacks to the ever-evolving cancer research is the discovery of treatments, which focus a minority of cancer types. In addition to it, the entire research for changes and their implementation in the cancer cases is quite slow. Thus there is no focussed treatment tuned for every individual cancer patient. Though the usage of natural cellular defense has aided in granting remission to for cancer patients serving at their fourth stage, there has been no amalgamation of allopathic and herbal drugs so far.

Thus, it’s a subject of serious consequences whether the cancer research of today is really fast paced and evolving or just incompetent to meet the needs of cancer patients.


  1. i have some cancer issues in my family and please don´t stop cancer research.
    My grandfather have removed a kidney and the prostate. for now is ok, but tomorrow i dont know…
    Research is the key when we speak about this kind of diseases…
    Tkx for this article


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