Calculate Your Obesity Years To Know The Risks

Calculate Your Obesity Years To Know The Risks

Fellows of Monash University Australia have conducted a detailed study to relate the years you have been obese and the possible risks you may be under.The study is published in the international journal of Epidemiology. The study is important and authentic due to its large ‘sample’ that is over 5000 people and these people were followed up for around five decades.

The study tells that “the number of years lived with obesity is directly associated with the risk of mortality; this needs to be taken into account when estimating its burden on mortality”. The main problems associated with the obesity were found to be heart problems.

Though the long follow up duration of the study i.e. 48 years creates a limit as well as the last follow up in 1996 is much older and new approaches and techniques have come since then. Still the study has its relevance for its wide range of people and long duration they were followed up for.

The study has reported the increased risk of death due to any cause to be 51 percent in the people with short term of obesity; 94 percent in those with medium duration obesity; and the risks are more than doubled with those with longer duration of obesity.

THE study has arranged its findings elaborating them for many purposes. THE risks for particular diseases have also been worked out. The cardiovascular diseases have been most common to haunt obese ones.


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