Breast Cancer and Emotional Concerns


It has been reported that fear of breast cancer is severe than that of heart disease. Obviously enough, the diagnosis of breast cancer given by experts is shocking to the women. There is no wonder she and her family members seek second opinion about the diagnosis. It has also been estimated that breast cancer recovery is slower in women who are exceedingly depressed after the diagnosis that those who face the situation bravely. All these things point to a single fact that breast cancer has lot of implications on mind, before and after diagnosis.

Yes, we are saying before diagnosis, because breast cancer or any other cancer is reported to have a close relation with the psychological makeup of an individual. People who are psychologically vulnerable and have many depressive spells during earlier life are reported to have suffered from cancers more than those who have positive outlook towards life. That is why the cancers and especially the breast cancer are also referred to as psychosomatic diseases.

The emotional vulnerability of breast cancer patients is seen in following manner

* Excessive stress leading to marked irritability.
* Fear and shock
* Sadness leading to loneliness and socially withdrawn attitude.
* Anger and self pity leading to fluctuations in blood pressure, thus causing palpitations.
* Excess depression leading to fatigue, crying, and melancholic mood.
* When the patient does not express her emotions to anyone, this further adds to her woes and she may further suffer from frustration, hopelessness, etc.

The above things clearly indicate that the emotional sphere of the sufferer has to be kept alive and positive in order to get positive feedback during treatments. Not only the diagnosis but the treatment of cancer poses lot of emotional stress to the patient. If she has to undergo breast removal surgery, she may have to face further emotional dilemmas as follows:

* Loss of attractiveness because of which she fears losing love of her husband.
* Sexual problems pertaining to emotional disturbances.
* Because the fear of recurrence is so inbred, she may suffer from further depressive spells.

It has been stressed by the experts that emotional help to the concerned patients can prove immensely beneficial for their recovery or cure depending upon the stage of the cancer. The person with positive outlook and firm emotional support can revert back even from advanced stage and a depressed woman may succumb in the first stage of the disease itself. Let’s see how a woman can establish her emotional balance during such vulnerable situations.

Secure emotional balance

* First and the foremost thing to be remembered in any cancer case is, one should shed the ego and ask for emotional help from the person whom you are close to. It is not an act of bravery to suffer in silence.
* Remember the study that revealed that suppressing emotions led to earlier deaths in women with breast cancer. On the other hand the woman who expresses every concern has more days to enjoy life.
* Your physical health will get amazing boost if your emotional health is normal.
* Communicate with family and friends as frequently as you can. Keep your conversation easy and free-flowing and never hesitate to seek suggestions.
* Don’t fret the intimacy with your partner.
* Keep a close check of your physical symptoms and report them to your close family members as well as to the medical team.
* Prepare an exercise plan for yourself with the help of an expert.
* Joining a support group or visiting a counselor can be very helpful to boost your morale.
* Finally make an attempt to educate patients of breast cancer in your group. This will immensely benefit to raise your confidence and your feel-good factor!


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