Best Medicines Available for Hair Loss Problems Today


Hair loss problems are characterized by baldness and thin hair. No one wants to be part of these problems. There are medicines that are used to treat the problems and many people are beginning to appreciate them. We will see which ones are best and available in the market today.

Before we get to that, we need to know the common hair loss problems that people encounter and what causes them because this is when you would know the best medicines. They are grouped according to the type of hair loss.

So, there are two types of hair loss that people encounter.

Inherited hair loss and Alopecia areata hair loss. This second one is a result of immune system attack to the follicles of the hair.

Best medicines

Now that we know the two types of hair loss that we would be dealing with, we would look at the best medicines that would effectively clear each of the problems. We will consider each of them in the order they are listed.

For inherited hair loss, which is usually baldness, you would any of the below two medications. You have to stick to the instructions for you to be able to get positive results from them.

You can get the minoxidil over the counter. You will not be asked for a prescription to be given this medication. Then, you will be instructed or you would just have to spray or rub the medication on the scalp. Pretty soon it would respond and you would see hair growing. This medication is to be applied twice daily.

Alternatively, you can see a doctor who would prescribe for you the Finasteride drug. These are pills that you would take once a day. Women who are planning to have children must not even handle these drugs. They have side effects of birth defects.

Then, let us now turn our attention to hair loss that results from immune attacks. Here there are 3 medicines that you can consider.

** For patchy hair loss, you would need to inject corticosteroids into the scalp every 4 to 6 weeks. The injection is done several times but at 1cm apart.
** You can use diphenylcyclopropenone medicine once a week. It is to be applied on the scalp. It is a form of contact immunotherapy and is very effective for severe hair loss.
** Finally, you can also use the Psoralen drug to sensitize the skin to ultraviolet A light. This is called Psoralen with Ultraviolet A light therapy.

Yes, with any of the above three methods you will be sure that you will improve the situation. You have to be reasonable on your expectations though. Even when we preach that these medications are the best, you may never have whole hair like it is for those who do not have the hair loss problems.

Sometimes, you may have the bald get small, as in hair will grow on some parts of the scalp and not others. But you can also be disappointed when you stop the treatment. So, you have to maintain the treatment to succeed.


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