Beauty Myths That Need to Die

Beauty myth

All have a gift of beauty from God. But, few care for it and maintain it life-long and the rest are careless. Those, who are neither careful nor conscious of their beauty, invariably feel the need for beauty treatment at some point of life. However, most of folks face a tussle between the science of beauty care and the age-old beauty myths. Now, it’s time to break these beauty myths to preserve the external beauty and the beauty within.

Body Myths

Tanning can cause skin cancer

Since childhood you learn about UVA and UVB rays which reach deep into the skin to break down collagen and cause wrinkles. UVB rays are considered deadly that cause skin cancer and sunburn.

Despite knowing this bitter fact, most of the Britons enjoy sunbath and avoid using sunscreen. The myth surrounding the British people is that the sun rays in the UK aren’t as harmful like other countries. But surveys says, one out of ten people in Britain are in a great risk of skin cancer these days. Many skin cancer cases are registered in Britain every year and these are growing rapidly year after year.

It seems that they don’t want to get themselves out of this myth. It is so, because a huge number of British people avoid using sunscreen lotion.

Freckles can cause melanoma

The myth that irritates many women with light-skin is that freckles are one of the biggest signs of skin cancer. Freckles are actually a sign of previous sun exposure. This is why freckles turn darker in summer and often fade in the winter. Most freckles are not dangerous. Considering all freckles as a sign of skin cancer is truly baseless.

Hair Myths

Fixing Split Ends

There are cosmetic creams that give guarantee of fixing damaged hair. The truth is that split ends are terminal and can’t be fixed. These cosmetics can fix split ends only temporarily.

Plucking a grey hair causes two to grow back

It is probably heard from grandmothers that if you pluck one grey hair, it will induce two to grow back. The fact is that plucking grey hair is painful and it badly damages hair roots, but it will not cause more grey hairs to grow out. If you are doing this, stop it right now because the myth can welcome baldness!

Regular Hair Washing Leads to Unhealthy and Dry Hair

Again, it’s not true. Washing with a good shampoo and conditioner is good for hair. Regular washing doesn’t cause unhealthy and dry hair, if the shampoo moisturizes your hair.

These are few beauty myths that should die. If you are preoccupied with any of these beauty myths, it’s time to get rid of these right now.


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