Banana Gives Birth To A Drug That Can Treat Hepatitis C, AIDS And other Illness


According to the recent study, bananas could help fight flu and keep away killer diseases such as hepatitis C and Aids in future.

It is surprising to see how researchers are adoring banana and proving it to be the fruit of the year. They predict banana to contain a protein that can help them create the useful drug. This ingredient BanLec locks onto sugars on the outside of cells, stopping deadly viruses from penetrating. The proteins importance was discovered almost 5 years ago while discovering the anti-viral drug. Initially, it caused side-effects. But now it is made safer. The trial testing proved that it made flu stop in mice.

US-based researcher Dr David Markovitz said he hopes BanLec could be used during emergency pandemic responses, where the precise cause of an infection is unknown.”

Experts hope to create the drug by the end of the coming decade. They expect to make the drug in a way that can be used to put in a nasal spray.

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