7 Ways to Avoid Premature Ageing


Healthy, glowing and radiant skin is the desire of all. But not many people know how to get that fresh and forever young look on their skin.

Avoiding premature ageing is not a tough task. And, given below are the 7 ways for avoiding premature ageing :

Drink Water

Drinking water is the easiest and important way to hide ageing signs. Consume at least ten to twelve glasses of water every day. This will help you maintain your face’s glow whatever your age may be.


Set a skin care routine and follow it without fail. Moisturize your skin just before you go to sleep and follow this every night. This will ensure your skin looks fresh and healthy. Select the appropriate skin products, according to your skin type and this will make your skin soft and shiny.

Regulate Alcohol and Smoking

Just like excess of anything is bad, similarly, alcohol and smoking can also be injurious not just for your skin but also for your health. If you continue to consume alcohol and do smoking in excess then your skin will be dry and full of wrinkles and patches. This happens because of decreased supply of essential nutrients and oxygen.

Healthy Diet

As your age increases, changing your diet the healthy way will keep you healthy and make you look good. Consume nutrition rich diet that includes vegetables and fresh fruits like blueberries, green leafy vegetables and strawberries. This will help you avoid problem of premature ageing.


Beauty Sleep

At least sleep for 6-8 hours and you will feel relieved of stress. Not just this, a sound sleep ensures that you have wrinkle free skin and look beautiful.


If you have a healthy body then you will also have a radiant, spot free and healthy skin. Set a workout schedule and follow it without fail. It is not necessary that you work out in a gym; regular physical exercises will also do the work. Exercising regularly will assist the process of cell renewal and repair damaged skin.


Sun Protection

Last but not the least, it is imperative for you to apply good quality sun protection lotion. This is because exposure to sun is one of the major causes of ageing. And, not just this, dark spots and skin cancer are also caused due to the harmful rays of the sun. Daily application of sunscreen lotion is a must, especially when you step out in daytime.

Just little care and precaution will ensure that you have healthy, glowing skin. Follow these suggestions and defy the early ageing on your skin.


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