Atl Philips Ie33 Ultrasound Machine


The bulky looking ATL Philips IE33 Ultrasound Machine incorporates advanced diagnostic capabilities and interpretive features as well as high resolution and detailed image rendering. Until recently it was considered the most advanced ultrasound system available in the market due to the depth of its functionality and unmatched features.  Its features include, color Doppler CW/PW Doppler and tissue Doppler imaging. Additional harmonic tissue imaging feature with M-mode, angia, Live 3D and stress echo are also incorporated in addition to general cardiac and vascular imaging.

The machine comes with a 17 inch LCD color monitor that displays live Xplane imaging with two live imaging planes on the screen simultaneously. It comes with a range of unique probes for specialized and general application and a heart pulse contact sensor. The purewave crystal technology that has been adapted results in unmatched image clarity and the 3D rendering and xMatrix technology ensures that this machine is one of the top of the line ECG machines around. The adjustable arm lets you manipulate the screen positioning. The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand and combines single push buttons with function calling capabilities and alphanumeric keyboard for information entry and management.

The machine provides for cardiac and vascular clinical diagnostic options and features contrast imaging with improved LVO tissue specific application. The carotid intima medial thickness analysis functionality enables early detection of atherosclerosis risk. It also provides panoramic imaging capability. The machine offers connectivity via Netlink and DICOM and has an integrated DVD RW /CDRW drive.

Its application areas span adult, pediatric, fetal and stress echocardiography along with Vascular, transesophageal and contrast echocardiography applications. It is also used in epicardial echocardiography and perioperative monitoring and diagnostics. Though bulky it is easy to move around and offers portability. The machine addresses volumetric imaging needs on both 2D and 3D fronts.


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