Are Tight Work Schedules Reducing Your Sex Life


deprived sex life due to tight work schedules

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After going through a lot of surveys, I came to the conclusion that it is not just me facing this deficiency! There are a lot of people, who have seen a drastic decline in the sex frequency between them and their spouse.

The tight work schedules and the influence of western culture has led to exerted work habits. This has led to a severe decline in the rate of sex. The jobs today are eating up the time and energy to have sex.

On asking a few workaholics, both men and women, I heard their sad confession! With regret, they told about a huge difference, in the frequency of sex in their lives as compared to before.

After a good discussion over the issue, we came to a conclusion.

workplace fatigues

People observed this exhaustion a result of a hectic workplace. The increasing financial fluctuation in the market has pushed working hours to be longer. People are working hard to make money and even own a better lifestyle.

To meet this combination of  hard work and dedication. Contributing maximum time into it has become mandatory.

Coming back home exhausted leaves no energy to make love or even think of it! This is one of the major reason of irritation amongst the couples. It reduces the sex in life and even blurs the thought of it due to over tiredness.

This is specific for people with stressful job profiles. The ones who travel a lot are also captives of such deprivation. This leads to less erection and further problems attached to it.

stress due to work

Stress and exertion is in no way good for the body. At times, even if u gather energy to make love with passion, tight schedules reduce the time. This increases less interest, due to time lag and ruins the moment.

Coming back from a tiring day, often kills the feeling of romance and even the fun part of foreplay. Leading to a boring climax to the activity. With sex missing from the lives of couples, it is an alarming situation to rectify as soon as possible.

If you do not take any action and let things be, it can lead to tiffs between you and your spouse. A broken marriage, drifting issues can be major effects of this lack.

So, rather than letting things be revise your work schedule. Do not let it ruin your enjoyment.

Instead look for a solution.

revive your love by taking out time

There are various ways to revive the love and attraction that used to spark between you! A few alteration in schedule and life can lead to getting back that love fire to enjoy your sex life!

If you decide to make efforts, you will end up winning your loved one. This will make you more relaxed and cheerful than frustrated and irritated!


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